Smart Home Owner Landscaping Ideas

The turf is getting greener, the days are getting longer, and the temperature levels are making their sluggish march ever upward.


The seasonal battle to cultivate an enviable landscape design and flower- or food-producing garden has taken new shape in this period of smart technology. While Saturdays of springs previous were spent digging into our backyards, we now have automated devices that’ll do the hard yards with higher results, and definitely less complaining.

Continue reading to see ways to get your hands dirty in the garden without really doing much with clever inventions used by landscaping contractors.

A Wiser Method to Water

Welcome the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. This extremely customisable lawn sprinkler is your perfect landscaping partner. It constantly keeps track of the weather report and can instantly adjusts watering schedules on the fly, stays a solid solution for high-end homeowner aiming to preserve a lush yard.

Regardless of your yard’s size or shape, Rachio will work in conjunction with Mother Nature to keep your lawn green.

However, house owners who are likewise big garden owners might wish to invest in Edyn.

The Edyn wise garden system consists of 3 elements. Firstly, the Edyn Garden Sensor, which has a solar-powered probe that, tracks the humidity, temperature, nutrition and moisture of your garden soil. The Sensing unit then cross-references that info with real-time weather condition details, plant databases, soil science and regional data to provide recommendations and gardening guidance, tailored to your specific garden, by means of the accompanying Edyn wise device app. In addition to providing suggestions for preserving a flower bed of the first order, Edyn’s app will keep users updated of their gardens exact water needs and soil health, in addition to any weather that could affect garden development.

The final element of the Edyn system, the Edyn Water Valve, works off the actionable intelligence collected by the Garden Sensor. Coupling with your existing irrigation system, the Edyn Water Valve will immediately control water flow to plants that require it based on the deep information gleaned from the soil sensing unit and real-time weather reports. The end outcome is a garden with a lot healthier flora and a lot less guesswork for your lavish landscape design.

Automated Mowing

In the long list of laborious yard maintenance tasks, maybe none is tougher than the act of mowing.

The smell of fresh cut lawn, while pleasant to some, can conjure memories in others of a teenage years spent behind a push mower at the prodding of adult forces in pursuit of such worthy goals as character-building and a clean-looking landscape.

Now the scent of a newly mowed yard, and none of the psychological injury, can be taken pleasure in by all thanks to the Husqvarna 450X Robot Automower.

Like a Roomba for the great outdoors, the Automower patrols your backyard, based on guide-wire specified boundaries, shaving thick lawn as it makes its rounds. The cutting machine is creative enough to browse narrow passages and challenging surface, along with scale slopes of 45 degrees. Much better still, the robotic will recognize when it’s running out of battery and instantly go back to its charging station.

With the Automower’s accompanying app, you can manage the robot from anywhere in the world, allowing you to return house from business or pleasure to the sights and smell of newly groomed grounds.

Flower Power

How are you going to provide electricity for the growing army of outdoor electronics? You can do this with the thematically and ecologically appropriate SmartFlower.

This plug-and-play solar energy option is all you could request in an energy service provider– automated and smart.

After an installation process that takes about an hour, the SmartFlower will unfurl its flat petals and start storing and providing energy, instantly tracking the sun’s motion throughout the sky and enabling the unit to produce an optimal amount of solar power.

The weather-proof gadget constantly monitors wind speed and will instantly fold and conceal its petals must the gusts end up being a safety threat; however it is not ideal as a part of the landscape design for your pool surrounds. This retraction process has the added benefit of immediately cleaning the photovoltaic panels.

Concrete Jungle

The joys of gardening are not limited to property owners in more rural or suburban environments.

The Wall Farm brings fresh, healthy, pesticide-free fruits, herbs and greens into your metropolitan residence, offered you have at least 5 feet to spare and a ceiling over six-and-a-half feet tall.

Resembling a bookshelf (but for buds), the Wall Farm comes equipped with full spectrum LED lighting that motivates growth from a diversity of plant life, and water tanks that are big enough to last for month-long periods. They sit perfectly along a retaining wall or fence line too.

The vertical farming option is seeded with “Smart Soil” pills that sprout approximately 51 vegetables and fruits plants across 51 areas and 3 levels.

Low maintenance and silent, you wouldn’t even see that you have a green grocer in your house if not for the verdant and abundant offerings.


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